Secure and Optimize Your Network
to Work From Anywhere

Support access anytime, anywhere with VMware SD-WAN™

Work is no longer one place. The branch has evolved, and the “trusted perimeter” has dissolved. Both users and applications are everywhere—now more than ever. The new normal requires enterprises to provide secure and optimized access to the data center and cloud services for users at the branch, home, or anywhere to enable a productive, future-ready workforce.

To ensure a safe and seamless user experience, employees need to have a technical environment that closely replicates the experience they would have in office. This means easy and optimized access to applications as well as consistent and always-on internet availability. Inefficient network connectivity results in lack of bandwidth, broken and disrupted connectivity, and poor application performance. Remote users must have secure access to the corporate network to utilize applications for day-to-day work.​

Work From Home
with VMware

Remote work may be the new normal, but network issues don't have to be! With VMware, enterprises can provide better connectivity and security, along with assured application performance.

How Does VMware SD-WAN Ensure Business Continuity​?

VMware SD-WAN™ can help empower your remote workforce, reduce disruption, and ensure business continuity — all while proactively preparing you for an ever-changing future.

VMware SD-WAN Enables Remote Work Productivity

VMware SD-WAN™ delivers a secure access service edge platform that combines industry-leading SD-WAN with comprehensive security services embracing the cloud and SaaS – to empower a productive remote workforce.

Solving Work From Anywhere Access Challenges

VMware SD-WAN™ delivers excellent and optimized network connectivity, assured application performance along with security, thereby satisfying the Quality of Service (QoS) required by users. It also provides operational simplicity by providing centralized monitoring, analytics, and control combined with artificial intelligence to simplify operations.

Consumer Simple

VMware SD-WAN provides organizations with one of the fastest and easiest ways to stand up and  manage a home office, reducing provisioning and deployment time from days to hours or minutes, with enterprise IT control and connectivity.

Enterprise Quality

VMware SD-WAN is the industry-leading WAN edge service platform for optimal, reliable, secure, and automated access to traditional and new applications – in the on-premises data center or cloud, delivering enterprise quality access to users working from anywhere.

Cloud Scale

     VMware SD-WAN allows for dynamic scale and security options that fit the remote digital workforce transformation needs of any organization, delivering maximum flexibility, choice, and scale.

Deliver Uncompromised Connectivity

Stay connected to your coworkers and customers over any link without compromising the quality of experience.

2% Packet Loss Without VMware SD-WAN
2% Packet Loss with VMware SD-WAN

Work From Anywhere Offers for the Enterprise

To help enterprises provide an optimized work environment and experience for their Work From Anywhere (WFA) employees, VMware offers three options: Secure Access, SD-WAN WFH and SD-WAN WFH Pro.​​

Designed for the remote user, VMware Secure Access™ combines the power of SD-WAN and Workspace ONE to provide remote workers secure access to on-premises, cloud, and SaaS applications. VMware SD-WAN™ WFH subscriptions enable business users to get the best application performance while working from home and include access to VMware Edge Network Intelligence™.​

  • 1 Business user; up to 5 devices
  • Includes direct SaaS and cloud VPN access
  • Per-application policies consistent with WFH and WFH Pro users
  • Compatible with home users and home applications; home traffic doesn't enter the enterprise network
  • No limit on bandwidth; up to the speed of the WAN connection

  • 1 Business user; 3 concurrent business devices
  • Improved app reliability & performance for audio/video conferencing, voice, calls, email
  • Includes direct SaaS and cloud VPN access
  • VMware Edge Network Intelligence™
  • Unlimited home users; Unlimited home devices
  • Up to 350 Mbps (or max device throughput)

  • 1 Business user; 6 concurrent business devices
  • Improved app reliability & performance for audio/video conferencing, voice calls, email
  • Includes direct SaaS and cloud VPN access
  • VMware Edge Network Intelligence™
  • Unlimited home users; Unlimited home devices
  • Up to 1 Gbps (or max device throughput) for graphics and large file downloads

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VMware Products for Work From Home

VMware SD-WAN™

Ensure continuous network uptime, optimize connectivity to cloud-based resources and apps, and empower your employees Work From Anywhere productivity.


VMware Secure Access™

Combine the consistent, secure cloud application access functionality of VMware SD-WAN with the capability of VMware Workspace ONE to allow only trusted devices and users to access applications hosted on-premises or in the cloud.​

VMware Edge Network Intelligence™

Proactively manage the client experience with AIOps for all end user and IoT device performance, security, and self-healing throughout the wireless and wired LAN, SD-WAN, and SASE.​

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Work from Anywhere
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