VMware SD-WAN for Service Providers

A solution to augment existing network services effectively, while creating solution stickiness and deliver.

Built from the ground-up to match the complex Telco and Operator technical and business requirement, VMware SD-WAN architecture allows Service Providers to leverage SD-WAN to deliver service seamlessly and quickly across a variety of use cases.

Deliver SD-WAN and services with confidence and ease.

VMware SD-WAN enables Service Providers to develop, launch, and manage a Hybrid WAN product that provides SD-WAN services for Service Providers’ enterprise customers. VMware SD-WAN provides Service Provider’s customers with an over-the-top delivery model of SD-WAN services that leverages Service Provider’s embedded MPLS core network and wireline services.


Secure Network Overlay

The VMware SD-WAN Edges and VMware SD-WAN Gateways, managed by VMware or Service Provider, form a secure overlay that is transport independent, operates across any combination of public or private circuits, and enables secure connectivity to enterprise data centers, cloud compute and SaaS applications.


Virtual Service Delivery

A rich set of services, including those from VMware SD-WAN ecosystem partners, are easily deployed from a catalog of applications. Based on the type of service, these services are delivered at the branch, in the private data center or in the cloud. Service Providers can leverage the VMware SD-WAN architecture to deliver managed CPE offerings with dynamic services called network functions or services virtualization.


Scalable, Secure Cloud Network

VMware SD-WAN uses standard-based encryption, such as AES, to provide secure connectivity over any type of transport and to form a secure cloud network. VMware SD-WAN devices are authenticated to the SD-WAN management plane, assigned business policies and then granted access to the secure cloud network.


Orchestration and Analytics

The orchestration layer provides the control plane for forwarding traffic to and from on-premise and cloud nodes flexibly across the multiple underlying transports and with the policy‐driven insertion of distributed network services. This orchestration layer is failsafe, highly resilient and designed to simplify end user deployments — meaning no IT administrator-dependent branch office installation is required.

Off-net VPN

The solution ensures the traffic is taking the best-performing path and provides end-to-end real-time visibility.


Cloud On-Ramp

The solution ensures the traffic is taking the best-performing path and provides end-to-end real-time visibility.


Multi-Region SD-WAN

This solution allows Service Providers to leverage any type of circuit to deliver secure connectivity to the customer branch while gaining end-to-end visibility.


Why Partner with VMware SD-WAN?

Global Presence

Supported by global logistics partners, end-to-end enablement services, and proven supply chain, VMware guarantees seamless Go-to-Market and deployment roll-outs for its Service Providers.

Proven Go-to-Market Models

VMware SD-WAN supports multiple Go-To-Market models for Service Providers, including an Over-the-Top, Hybrid, and Full deployment.

Deployment Templates

Based on our experience successfully launching multiple global Service Providers, we have created deployment templates for the common Telco use cases.


Both sales and technical self-paced training is available on the VMware SD-WAN Partner Portal to the Service Provider staff, covering topics from effectively selling VMware SD-WAN to running a successful POC to designing and deploying the solution.

Sales Enablement

In addition to providing training, the VMware SD-WAN Telco team works closely with the Service Provider to run joint opportunities, ensuring POC and negotiation success.


The critical part of the Solution Provider’s SD-WAN GTM is positioning the solution in a differentiated fashion in a very competitive SD-WAN space. VMware SD-WAN marketing team provides the Service Provider with a template to establish positioning, develop messaging, assemble supporting marketing content and campaign(s), and recommendations on the necessary marketing tools.



The rise in online collaboration and rich media applications is driving enterprises to explore using Internet links for economical expansion of their private MPLS networks.


To satisfy these requirements, service providers need a solution to augment existing network services effectively. Both enterprises and their service providers must adapt their network architecture to accommodate the increasing shift of applications and datacenters to the cloud while delivering the expected levels of reliability, performance, and security.

The rapid delivery of additional value services and reduction of operational costs are driving providers to demand virtual services delivery and universal CPEs. Additionally, service providers benefit from the automation efficiencies of SDN with ease of programmability and abstraction extended from the datacenter to the complex configurations of the WAN.

Begin quotation MetTel consistently strives to provide our customers with more flexible, secure, simplifying and cost saving solutions, and we believe that the VMware SD-WAN offering is highly compatible with our mission.End quotation

- Marshall Aronow, CEO, MetTel

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