VMware SD-WAN for Enterprises

Your enterprise branch office wide area network is experiencing business and technical demands driven by the proliferation of critical applications, cloud services and mobile devices. VMware SD-WAN addresses these demands by reliably expanding bandwidth, delivering direct access to cloud applications and enabling seamless services insertion.

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Today’s Enterprise WAN Challenges

Enterprise IT is constantly driving, evolving, and adapting to keep both business and technology ahead of the key WAN challenges facing business and IT today.


Expensive Bandwidth

Delivering increased bandwidth to meet enterprise application growth is expensive, time consuming and comes with long lead times.

Branch Complexity

Increases in distributed offices, agility demands for existing offices, and the explosion in applications and services has made branch offices complex to deploy, upgrade, manage and maintain.

Rigid Architecture

Traditional WAN designs are optimized to backhaul branch traffic to data center applications using closed networks relying on restrictive class of service assignments.

VMware SD-WAN Architecture

VMware SD-WAN enables the use of wired or wireless broadband Internet with or without traditional MPLS to create enterprise grade wide area networks with increased bandwidth, high performance access to cloud, service insertion and extensive network visibility.

How Your Enterprise Will Benefit

VMware SD-WAN delivers low cost bandwidth, investment protection, expanded bandwidth, increased throughput, greater reliability, exceptional application performance and better access to cloud applications and services.


Inexpensive Bandwidth

Transform inexpensive broadband Internet into an enterprise grade secure WAN without a data center headend while improving the performance of your existing WAN.

Reliability & Performance

Maximize throughput, reliability and performance of private MPLS and broadband Internet with application steering and link impairment remediation technologies.

Cloud Service Access

Your wide area network can now securely, reliably and pervasively meet your cloud applications and services where they live — in the cloud.

Service Insertion

Seamlessly insert services such as security, optimization and collaboration in the cloud and in the branch office on the VMware SD-WAN Edge.

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