Unified Communications

Experience high quality, low cost Unified Communications without traditional WAN complexity.

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ enables the deployment of Unified Communications by providing ease of network configuration and control of network characteristics that affect UC performance.

Deliver uncompromised Unified Communications experience.

Do not allow the degradation in link quality impact the UC quality of experience. The ideal WAN solution for UC enables the enterprise to leverage Internet to increase the WAN bandwidth at a lower cost, while providing the high quality UC experience demanded by the users.

Without VeloCloud @ 2% Packet Loss
2% Packet Loss with VMware SD-WAN

Above is an example of high definition video conference while the network is experiencing a 2% of packet loss. The left screen shows the poor video quality without VMware SD-WAN. The artifact makes this this video conference unbearable.

The right screen shows the same video conference going through the VMware SD-WAN solution. The on-demand link conditioning mitigates the impact of packet loss and ensures high video quality. This enables enterprises to leverage the Internet to roll out rich media UC applications which demand high bandwidth and reliable WAN.

Achieve the best Unified Communications QoS.

The unpredictable behavior of Internet may impact the consistent UC quality of experience demanded by enterprise. The ideal WAN solution needs to enable enterprise to utilize the lower cost Internet bandwidth, and at the same time provides consistent UC quality of experience expected by enterprise.

Application Recognition and Smart Business Policies

Built in application recognition and smart default identifies UC traffic flows and provide proper treatment including bandwidth management, traffic steering, and link conditioning. Benefit: Simple deployment and quick rollout of new UC applications. Full visibility into traffic and network characteristics that may impact UC applications.

Dynamic Application Steering

Constantly monitor all available links for conditions that will affect UC performance and make sub-second routing decision to steer UC traffic on packet-by-packet basis. Benefit: Consistent UC performance over any type of connectivity — broadband or hybrid WAN.

On Demand Link Conditioning

Applying link-conditioning technique to provide up to full packet replication to mitigate the effect of packet loss or reduce the effect of jitter. Benefit: Consistent UC performance over any type of connectivity — ordinary broadband or hybrid WAN.


Slash bandwidth costs and deploy 10x faster.

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