WAN and Data Center Network Segmentation

Segmentation is used in the data center, but it’s also needed on the WAN.

Segmentation in the data center and extended over the WAN enables a comprehensive, zero-trust model for applications. It delivers consistent control over the network and application workloads. VMware SD-WAN with NSX Data Center makes this possible.

Deliver Segmentation over the WAN and inside the Data Center

VMware SD-WAN devices at the branch offices and the data center together with NSX Data Center provides policy-based network and security, that extends segmentation from applications in the data center to the branch ensuring traffic isolation and data security end-to-end.

Achieve End-to-end Segmentation

VMware SD-WAN together with NSX Data Center unlocks the key to the zero-trust model by enabling segmentation end-to-end inside the data center and from the branch office to the data center regardless of where the workload is hosted.

Protect Application Traffic from Attackers

This ensures that only workloads that must be able to communicate with each other are able to do so, thereby reducing unnecessary east-west network traffic and limiting an attacker’s ability to move laterally through an environment.

Isolate Employee Applications from Guests

Not all traffic is equal, yet many organizations treat them as if they are, resulting in delivery delays, compromised quality, and insecure systems. Prioritization needs to be performed automatically and information separated from dissimilar traffic.

Configure Polices from a Central Console

NSX Data Center and VMware SD-WAN accomplish this entirely in software from a centralized controller, making segmentation policies automatable, adaptable, and flexible, so that security is as agile as the applications it protects.



This integration connects branch office sites to the data center and then the NSX SDDC within the data center to participate in the network virtualization and segmentation and security features delivered by NSX Data Center. This creates an end to and solution that enables segmentation over virtualized WANs to work with segmentation in the data center for full support of dynamic distributed applications out to the remote users.


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