Conduct SASE at Scale with VMware

The secure access service edge (SASE) platform that converges cloud networking and cloud security service to deliver flexibility, agility, and scale for enterprise of all sizes.


We live in an ever-evolving digital world where applications are moving to the cloud and working from anywhere is the new normal. This shift rendered the legacy WAN and architecture obsolete. The new secure access service edge (SASE) will enable organizations to deliver simplicity, scalability, flexibility, low latency, and pervasive security. 

VMware SASE Platform™

Provide secure, reliable, and optimized access to traditional and new applications for mobile clients, branches, and campuses with a single, holistic solution

Enable enterprise-wide cloud strategy, scale new operating models, migrate workloads to cloud easily, and access multi-cloud applications and resources with confidence
  • Direct cloud access via gateway as-a-service through VMware SD-WAN Gateways - the control point to any cloud by business policies and purposely built for cloud
  • Manage and automate multi-cloud on-ramp and IaaS interconnect to an array of cloud services, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and more 
  • Sequence 3rd party compute, security, analytics services seamlessly to integrate with existing vendors 
  • Enable global network operators to effectively deliver SD-WAN as a service with multitenant architecture with multi-tier orchestration  
Intrinsic Security
Protect distributed users and applications against internal and external threats from all levels, including network, application, data, and user
  • Flexible security options at branch edge, data center, and in the cloud
  • SASE platform that contains ZTNA, SWG, and CASB functions
  • Unifies secure access experience for mobile clients, branches, and campuses by using the proven VMware Workspace ONE technology with 10s of millions of endpoints
  • Streamlined certification and compliance process as VMware SD-WAN is PCI DSS 3.2 certified
Application Quality Assurance
Provide assured, reliable application delivery to mobile clients, branches, and campuses, even under unfavorable network conditions
  • Application prioritization based on business policies with flexible options, either pre-defined standardized or customizable policies
  • Continuous link monitoring sets foundation for automation and optimization
  • On-demand remediation, including per-packet steering
  • Comparable application performance benchmarking uses AI to identify root cause and solutions to network issues

Operational Simplicity and ROI
Build and scale a new global WAN to support digital transformation strategy, with greater agility and operational simplicity
  • Simplified Day 0 to Day 2 operations to alleviate installation, deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting challenges through automation
  • Cloud-hosted management platform that centralizes policy creation, distribution, and control
  • Global end-to-end network and application performance visibility
  • Advanced AI/ML-based analytics and AIOps across branch, LAN/WiFi, WAN, and data center with Edge Network Intelligence (ENI) for problem isolation and actionable remediation

Architecting the Perfect SASE Platform

VMware’s unique approach to SD-WAN includes over 100 PoPs around the world that serve as an onramp to SaaS and other cloud services. This global footprint gives VMware a presence to launch new networking and security services as well as integrations with best of breed security partners. 

The VMware cloud-native SASE architecture combines the SD-WAN gateways, zero trust network access (ZTNA), secure web gateway (SWG) and cloud security access broker (CASB) solutions, and next-gen firewall functions. These networking and security services can be delivered in an intrinsic or sequenced manner to branch edges, mobile users, campuses, and IoT devices. 


A Smarter, More Secure Edge

As originally defined by Gartner, SASE brings together network and cloud security services to provide flexibility, agility, and scale. SASE offers a much simpler secure connectivity model for cloud-first enterprises, bringing security functions wherever they’re needed, like with other cloud services. Let’s see what VMware thought leaders have to say about SASE. 

Conduct SASE at Scale


Download this infographic to learn how SASE operates like sections of an orchestra that combines network and security services into one cloud-delivered symphony.

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Conduct SASE at Scale

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