Solving the Secure SD-WAN Paradox

The ways organizations can improve their security posture

Analyst White Paper
by Dr. Jim Metzler

Adopting an SD-WAN solution is the best option that network organizations have to respond to a range of requirements such as lowering cost, increasing availability and providing high quality user experiences. However, network organizations are also under pressure to deliver best-of-breed security and in virtually all instances, adopting an SD-WAN solution results in implementing Direct Internet Access (DIA) which is challenging to secure using security appliances.

The first goal of this white paper is to discuss how the changing business and technology environments are impacting the WAN. The second goal is to discuss the limitations of the traditional WAN and to identify how the functionality provided by an SD-WAN enables network organizations to avoid these limitations. The third and last goal of this white paper is to discuss the criticality of integrating effective security capabilities and SD-WAN functionality and to illustrate the concept by using a real-world example of two such vendors who have achieved this integration.

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Dr. Jim Metzler
Dr. Jim Metzler

Dr. Jim Metzler is a co-founder and principal analyst at Ashton, Metzler & Associates, an industry leading consulting group focused on assisting organizations improve their performance by leveraging Information Technology and Human Talent for Success.

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