Outcome-Driven Networking: Automation and Intelligence for the Network

Outcome first — don't worry about the rest

Analyst White Paper
By ESG Research

The pace of business continues to accelerate as it strives to keep up with a dynamic economy and demanding consumers. Organizations are responding by embarking on digital transformation initiatives, solidifying their role in a global economy by opening geographically dispersed branch offices and increasing their use of cloud computing. The desired result of these initiatives is to create a foundation upon which the company can respond more quickly to the needs of customers, partners, and a global market. From an IT perspective, this means it needs to deploy solutions with higher levels of agility, security, and performance and ensure that the network underlying all these activities is robust and flexible enough to withstand the adaption necessary to keep up with this rapid transformation.

Download the white paper from Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc., Outcome-Driven Networking – Automation and Intelligence for the Network to find out how organizations can introduce high levels of automation, intelligence, machine- and self-learning capabilities to turn manual intensive processes into single-click actions.

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