VMware SD-WAN is Transforming the Retail Industry

SD-WAN is Transforming the Retail Industry


The retail environment is changing. Years ago, retail marketing was focused on getting people into stores. Now retailers are tasked with leading people into the store, cross-promoting to them inside the store, following them via multimedia channels, and being there any time and anywhere the buyer might decide to purchase. Technology is at the forefront of this transformation and IT teams are tasked with making this transformation a reality. The role of technology in retail is shifting from a cost-center to a profit center.

Retail networks of today must support an increasing number of connected devices, video, images, voice, credit card data and payments processing, and each must be treated differently, such as separating PCI traffic from guest Wi-Fi from voice.

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•Segmentation as it relates to SD-WAN
•Why segmentation matters in retail
•Providing five 9s uptime

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