Building the Business Case for SD-WAN

Making the Case for SD-WAN

Recorded Webinar (45 min)
With Tim Sullivan, CEO, Coevolve, & Sasha Emmerling, Sr. Director of Marketing, VeloCloud

How-to Series

Are you convinced about SD-WAN’s transformational potential and looking at building a compelling business case to adopt the technology for your enterprise? Coevolve and VeloCloud has been working with enterprises to help develop and validate a variety of SD-WAN business models, taking into consideration the transition between existing environment and the new SD-WAN environment and the entire service lifecycle.

In this webinar, we would like to share with you:

  • The business case applied to three real SD-WAN use cases
  • What technical benefits are achievable and how should they be evaluated
  • Why you need to consider operational implications of SD-WAN

Join Tim Sullivan, CEO of Coevolve and Sasha Nunke, Sr. Director of Marketing, VeloCloud as they discuss how to build a viable SD-WAN business case for enterprise.

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