VMware SD-WAN enables quick and cost-effective deployment of new branches, provides Enterprise-grade WAN by leveraging broadband and private links, and offers a platform for Virtual Service delivery.

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Dynamic Path Selection

VMware SD-WAN Dynamic Multipath OptimizationTM comprises deep application recognition, automatic link monitoring, auto-detection of provider and auto-configuration of link characteristics, routing and QOS settings

Smart QoS

Granular classification of 2,500+ applications enables smart control. Out-of-the-box defaults set the Quality of Service (QoS) policies for common business objectives with IT required only to establish traffic priority. Knowledge of application profile enables automation of QoS configurations and bandwidth allocations.

Link Steering and Remediation

On-demand, Per-packet link steering is performed automatically based on the measured performance metric, intelligent application learning, business priority of the application, and link cost. Delivers sub-second blackout and brownout protection to improve application availability. Remediates link degradation through forward error correction, activating jitter buffering and synthetic packet production.

Application Performance Monitoring

VMware SD-WAN continuously computes a VMware SD-WAN Quality Score to assess performance of critical voice, video, or data applications at any given time with the ability to alert IT staff. This analysis provides administrators a comprehensive before-and-after view into application behavior on individual links and the VMware SD-WAN enhancements.

Cloud Network

Zero-Touch Deployment

VMware SD-WAN Edge appliances automatically authenticate, connect, and receive configuration instructions once they are connected to the Internet in a zero-touch deployment. Deliver highly available deployment with VMware SD-WAN Edge redundancy protocol. Integrate with the existing network with support for OSPF routing protocol and benefit from dynamic learning and automation.


Stateful and context-aware (application, user, device) integrated next generation firewall delivers granular control of micro-applications, support for protocol-hopping applications, such as Skype and other peer-to-peer applications (e.g., disable Skype video and chat, but allow Skype audio). The secure firewall service is user- and device OS-aware with the ability to segregate voice, video, data, and compliance traffic. Policies for BYOD devices (Apple iOS, Android, Windows, MAC OS, etc.) on the corporate network are easily controlled.

Cloud VPN

One-click site-to-site cloud VPN is a VPNC-compliant IPSec VPN to connect VMware SD-WAN and non-VMware SD-WAN sites while delivering real-time status and health of VPN sites. Establish dynamic edge-to-edge communication for all types of branches based on service level objectives and application performance. Deliver secure connectivity across all branches with PKI scalable key management. New branches join the VPN network automatically with access to all resources in other branches, enterprise datacenters, and 3rd party datacenters, like Amazon AWS.

Virtual Service Platform

Virtual Network Function

Support virtual network function services to run on VMware SD-WAN Edge hardware, VMware SD-WAN Gateway, in the cloud of the service provider, or at the specific enterprise regional hub with service chaining support.


Enable VMware SD-WAN Virtual Edge on any x86, multi-core device capable of supporting single-ended service, like Firewall, or a dual-ended service, like VPN, via a variety of supported hypervisors. VMware, KVM, or Xen. Services can also be spun up in the VMware SD-WAN Gateway with a hypervisor when service is needed in the cloud.

Security Service Chaining

Chain cloud services for seamless integration and management. VMware has partnered with Check Point, Zscaler and Websense to chain cloud-based security services to support advanced threat protection. Also, transparently forward select traffic to the cloud-based security service based on business-policy definition without any branch-by-branch or application-based configuration.

Automation & Orchestration

Business Policy

Quality of Service, resource allocations, link/path steering, and error correction are automatically applied based on business policies and application priorities. Orchestrate traffic based on service groups defined by private and public links, policy definition, and link characteristics.

Application Visibility

VMware SD-WAN offers recognition and classification of 2,500+ applications and sub applications without the need to deploy separate hardware or software probes within each branch location. The solution intelligently learns applications as they are seen on the network and adds them to the VMware SD-WAN cloud-based application database. Services such as firewall, intelligent multipath, and Smart QoS may be controlled through the solution's application-aware business policy control.

Management and Control

VMware SD-WAN’s centralized monitoring, visibility and cloud control enable zero-touch branch deployment across distributed locations while delivering automatic business policy and firmware updates, link performance, and capacity measurements. VMware SD-WAN supports northbound RESTful APIs for integration with different management solutions and multi-tenant dashboards for service providers.


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