Network Intelligence for the Edge

Proactively manage the client experience with AIOps for all end user and IoT device performance, security, and self-healing throughout the wireless and wired LAN, SD-WAN, and SASE.

VMware Edge Network Intelligence Benefits

Most organizations lack true visibility and analytics into the end user and IoT devices on their network. This can lead to a loss in productivity and business continuity if there are issues with these devices. VMware Edge Network Intelligence™ is a vendor agnostic solution that offers the following benefits to its users.

Rich Client Experience

Manage the distributed and secure enterprise deployment with the client experience that eliminates IT visits.  

Proactive Remediation

Fault detection, isolation, and remediation for issues caused by wireless or wired LAN, WAN, network services, security services and application. Helps IT shift time spent on root cause to proactive remediation.

Application Assurance

Assurance of over 3,000 applications with contextual performance indicators like number of clients affected or number of sites impacted. 

Operational Simplicity

Scalable solution to address exponential growth in end-user and IoT devices using AI and ML for auto-discovery, baselining and monitoring. 

Mobility Field Day

Learn about VMware Edge Network Intelligence and how Nyansa, now part of VMware got started in the analytics field.

Managing IoT & Networks in Healthcare – Now & in the Future

See how GE Healthcare and VMware deliver a better solution for patient care.

Solution Components

Cloud-hosted or On-premises Analytics Engine

The analytics engine runs machine learning algorithms to perform auto-discovery, automatically establish baseline, monitor for deviation, analyze historical trends with the output shared via UI or integration via platform API. Historical trends and baseline data from aggregated analysis is stored for two years.

On-premises Analytics Edge

Available on all models of VMware SD-WAN Edge as a analytics edge function or as a standalone deployment. The on-prem crawler collects data from different sources, performing deep packet inspection on all traffic and network application identification. Only metadata trends and analytics are sent to the cloud analytics engine.

Case Studies

Northeast Georgia Health System Case Study

The hospital quickly solved a critical connectivity issue for medical equipment with VMware Edge Network Intelligence (formerly Nyansa Voyance).

Listen first hand how universities leverage VMware Edge Network Intelligence with the following videos.
Suffolk University Case Study

Suffolk University Case Study

Suffolk University sees the big picture with big data and VMware Edge Network Intelligence.

Wesleyan University Case Study

Wesleyan University Case Study

Wesleyan University gets true, verifiable insight into baselines and performance with VMware Edge Network Intelligence.

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