Software-Defined Wide Area Network for Staffing Company

Lack of network visibility and sub-par voice quality increased troubleshooting time, requiring a new network solution.

Client is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm with eight (8) locations across the United States. Client’s employees require dependable voice service to recruit professionals who can fill open positions with client’s wide range of business clients. Client is managing explosive growth and opening an average of two new offices every 6-12 months.

Business Challenge

Client lacks a comprehensive, managed voice solution, and has no visibility into its network. Instead, client manages a mix of connections. Some sites have private lines that connect back to headquarters. Other sites connect back to headquarters through the Internet.

As a result, client is experiencing uneven call quality across sites, managing multiple firewalls, and spending more time reacting to network challenges than focusing on its core business and its customers. Client wants to move toward a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution and needs a strategy that will support this long-term goal, fix current voice quality issues, and provide reliable connectivity to other key Software as a Service (SaaS) applications centralized at its headquarters.

CBTS Solution

CBTS designed a custom-built outcome-based network for customer by deploying VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud®, which delivers reliable and robust application performance across the Internet and is a more cost-efficient solution than installing a series of MPLS connections. CBTS also centralized client’s Internet through a single firewall at its headquarters. Client now has visibility into the network, consistent voice quality, and the infrastructure to eventually host a UCaaS solution that will serve all of its sites.

Services Included

  • SD-WAN in partnership with VeloCloud, now part of VMware, that enhances customer’s existing broadband connections.
  • Individual Application Performance Vectors that are specifically designed to support each of the customer’s applications.
  • Consultation to help identify key pain points; custom-built solution to address current and future challenges; ongoing customer service and support.

  • Client is struggling to manage a disparate network of voice applications and lacks visibility into the entire network infrastructure.
  • Client experiencing uneven call quality across sites, and spending more time troubleshooting than focusing on core business technology.
CBTS Solution
  • Custom-designed outcome- based network that leverages the VMware SD-WAN solution.
  • Individual Application Performance Vectors that are specifically designed to support each of the client’s applications.
  • Real-time voice and video are now delivered reliably even when 40% of the packets are lost.
  • Platform that will support client’s continued growth, and the redundant connectivity to support future UCaaS/SaaS applications.


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