Wesleyan University Gets True, Verifiable Network Insight

Wesleyan University wants to optimize end user computing experiences for students, faculty and staff. Their challenge is that often, the only report they could get on those experiences came from the end users themselves. There was no comprehensive view of the campus network, or how different devices and applications could change that usability for the people who rely on the network for work and school. VMware Edge Network IntelligenceTM (formerly Nyansa Voyance) uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to establish baselines for normal performance, identify root causes and create actionable insights.

“[Edge Network Intelligence] gives us insight that we have not seen before. It allows us to really look at an aggregate of data that helps us to understand the end user experience in a way that has meaning, and that can reflect exactly what is happening in our environment.”

Karen Warren
Deputy CIO, Wesleyan University


Business Needs

  • IT had no way to see how different configurations, apps, clients, etc. affected the overall experience for users
  • The university wanted to expand IT services for its community, but needed more information to learn the steps they would have to take and how that would affect the network
  • Without a comprehensive view of application and service dependency through all network layers, it was more difficult to zero in on problems, increasing the time for fixes


  • IT can see not only endpoint performance, but application performance and the campus community’s ability to reach those applications
  • Analytics can show concrete evidence of the root causes of network or app problems, helping staff repair them much more quickly
  • Allows IT to be proactive so they can diagnose and fix problems before they affect more people, keeping the focus on supporting education

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Wesleyan on Network Analytics

Watch the video to see how Wesleyan University gets insight into baselines and performance with VMware Edge Network Intelligence.

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Wesleyan University Gets True, Verifiable Network Insight
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