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SD-WAN Helps Global Packaging Business

Detmold Group Finds Early SD-WAN Success with Coevolve and VMware SD-WAN

“Without the advent of the SD-WAN and a larger bandwidth at each of our sites, we certainly wouldn’t be able to put in Salesforce 365, our board reporting, HR systems, payroll systems out into the cloud.”

Delivering network-wide connectivity to global branch offices.

With VMware SD-WAN, RGIS improved its visibility across its entire network and reduced its hardware footprint.

"Velocloud is one of the few things I refer to as almost a 'set it and forget it' solution. You just kind of take it for granted that it's there and it just works. So now the business is free to expand, move things around, do what they need to do, and we can work on more like security related initiatives and other things that we haven't been able to focus attention on in the past."

High quality unified communications at low total cost.

Redmond modernizes stores with VMware SD-WAN to deliver high-quality unified communications.

“VMware SD-WAN delivered a rich feature set and worked better than the other two solutions we tried. It’s so brilliantly designed that our proof of concept took only 30 minutes from the time we unwrapped the boxes. It didn’t take long to realize what a great solution it is.”

Unifying and centralizing network management and visibility.

Rentokil Initial adopted SD-WAN for business continuity and efficiencies.

“This technology is here to stay and I’m looking forward to the day when everybody’s on that journey and they can see the SD-WAN horizon, because, it’s been fantastic for us as a business and has really been revolutionary.”

Improved bandwidth from a cost-effective, highly-manageable network system.

“Setting up a new practice with VMware SD-WAN could not be any simpler."

"We pre-configure the edge and mail it to one of the remote office and within 10 minutes they have got it set up. No prior IT knowledge is required and it’s a very simple process. With centralized management, improved bandwidth and really less time administering the system, VMware SD-WAN is the most cost effective system to get our business done and help it grow.”

Customers love VMware SD-WAN.

Hear what leading enterprises are saying about VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud™.


Slash bandwidth costs and deploy 10x faster.

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